Military Fabric Buildings

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Military Fabric Buildings

Have your custom military fabric buildings manufactured by APPF Incorporated. If you need military buildings, APPF Incorporated is the source you can count on! We can manufacture large area maintenance shelter panels (LAMS) and all other kinds of temporary military shelters and buildings, and APPF is the home of the famous Inflatable AirBeam.

All of our designs are customized according to the exact needs of each client we work with. APPF has a reputation for excellence, manufacturing long-lasting, highly-durable military fabric buildings. No permanent concrete footer is needed for these buildings, so they can be constructed very quickly and delivered anywhere in the world.

How Long Does it Take to Assemble Fabric Buildings?

Equally as important, our fabric buildings can be assembled and disassembled anywhere in mere minutes. Simply pack it up and reuse it again when you need it. With the proper equipment, such as a crane life, jacks, and wheels, your building can be lifted and moved as a whole unit so it doesn't have to be assembled and reassembled.

Can I Customize a Military Temporary Fabric Building?

Customization is important to our valued clients, so we want to emphasize the point that all of our military fabric buildings are customizable! Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, we create structures for specific industries, events, needs, and geographical locations.

Our sales team will gather the information they need from you so we can build a temporary building that suits your specific needs.

What Kinds of Military Fabric Buildings are There?

At APPF Incorporated, we've partnered with several organizations to create the following fabric military buildings:

  • Lunchrooms and mess halls
  • Hangars and sunshades
  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Assemblies
  • Large Area Maintenance Shelters (LAMS)

Of all the structures we have built over the years, one of the most common has to be LAMS. LAMS are a conditioned area or a space that is out of the open elements. Here, crews can work on anything from vehicles to aircraft, and LAMS can even be changed into office spaces on the inside. LAMS are very flexible and diverse, and they are invaluable in the field for military personnel.

To put one up, you simply put the arches togeher and put a winch system on it. All the fabric raises up and falls into place. Then, you'll pull the skins over it, put the doors on it in the same manner and put the skins on the doors. Then, you can do the interior work as far as lighting and electrical.

How Long Do Military Fabric Buildings Last?

When we say that our buildings are strong and durable, we mean it! APPF Incorporated constructs all of its military fabric buildings using industrial-strength galvanized steel for the framework and cover it with flame-retardant PVC-vinyl fabric. You can count on your temporary fabric building to last for years to come. If you have a problem with manufacturing (which you won't if you choose APPF Incorporated), we'll rectify the situation immediately.

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